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HR Case study

Resource management

Effectively scheduling your teams across departments.

Control the big picture

Interactive timelines demonstrate gaps in real-time and accentuate resourcing opportunities

Airable's native timeline view paired with its utilisation capability helps build a real-time picture of who is busy, and when people are becoming free.

Resource planning shown in a utilisation time line inside an Airtable interface

Synchronise bookings from external calendars and HRIS'

Pull in key dates and events from company calendars and PTO software

We heard the phrase "oh but wait they're away on…" too many times, so we decided to start centralising all of the crucial dates that affect our resource planning into Airtable.

Not only does this help to facilitate resourcing discussions, but it also contributes to your key metrics around billable hours by month in financial forecasts.

Sync calendars and HR platforms into Airtable

“Mass always looked to understand the problem and come up with the best solution for us.”

Daniel Gent, Lighthouse

Daniel Gent

CEO at Lighthouse

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Supercharge your resource planning

Automated scheduling

Your team defines the rules, the automation keeps everyone busy

Resourcing at scale can really weigh down key personnel.

Instead of wasting your energy chasing everyone's hours, every week, for the rest of time, we prepared a series of automations that are driven by easy to understand configuration.

By defining the team members for a project and their target hours between dates, our automations will balance their schedule around their holiday and other commitments to ensure that everyone's schedules are at maximum efficiency.

Tagged revenue charts in an Airtable interface

Our process

Backed by a decade of design, product and strategy experience

Phase 1


Our Airtable consultants work collaboratively with your team to build a specification for your data product.

Our experts will advise you on how to roadmap towards your new Airtable data product, and provide an estimate for each release.

Phase 2

Data structure development

Our Airtable developers and technical integrations experts will structure, connect and stress-test your new data product.

Building in Airtable means shorter development cycles, so we can launch your shiny new internal software faster than you'd think.

Phase 3

Interface design

Your team should love the Airtable tools they use everyday.

Our design experts use Airtable's interface designer as a UI kit to prepare a highly effective frontend for your Airtable data product.

Phase 4


Notifications keep your team updated, with instant reports against your KPI's.

We architect and deliver the automation layers that save your team from grunt-work across your whole software stack.