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We build automated data products in  Airtable

From blank canvas to data‑led decisions in five weeks

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Financial forecasts

To understand where you're going, you need to measure change.

Automated revenue forecasts demonstrate the pace and direction of a business, and can meaningfully inform future hiring decisions and company strategy.

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Revenue forecast in Airtable

“Our investment in a low-code data product completely changed the way we measured performance as a business.”

Daniel Gent, Lighthouse

Daniel Gent

CEO at Lighthouse

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“Mass quickly understood the brief and were able to understand the business problems driving our needs.”

Siobhan Johnson, Not Actual Size

Siobhan Johnson

Managing Director at Not Actual Size

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Automate your financial forecasts in Airtable

Our process

Refined through a decade of design, product and strategy experience

Phase 1


Our Airtable consultants work collaboratively with your team to design and document a detailed, visual specification for your Airtable project.

We'll advise you on how to build a roadmap towards your new Airtable ecosystem; providing estimates and timelines for each release.

Phase 2

Database build

Our Airtable developers and integrations experts will structure, connect and stress-test your new data product.

Building in Airtable means shorter development cycles, so we can launch your shiny new internal software faster than you'd think.

Phase 3

Interface design

Your team must love the Airtable tools they use everyday.

Our design experts use Airtable's interface designer as a UI kit to prepare a highly effective frontend for your Airtable data product.

Phase 4


We architect and deliver the automation layers that save your team from grunt-work across your whole software stack.

Keep your team up to date with instant notifications, and have reports ready to explore that plot your KPIs.