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Project management Case study

Cost estimation and proposals

Branded PDFs

Create beautiful dynamic PDFs with bespoke designs instantly as your estimates update.

Templated deliverables

Save yourself time by templating repeat activities, increasing consistency across your estimates.

Version history

Maintain a copy of each version of your estimates for future playback or replication.


Meet your internal standards by ensuring the correct approvals have been rewarded.

Cost estimation software in Airtable

Accurate cost estimation is crucial for project success.

Most people don't enjoy the process of cost estimation; breaking down a project into deliverables and tasks, listing them exhaustively, weighing up the efforts required and hoping they've not missed anything.

We build cost estimation software to streamline as much of this process as possible, turning a dreaded process shrouded in spreadsheets and copy-pasting into an easy few steps that provide consistent outcome with little effort.

Revenue forecast in Airtable

“Our new budgeting tool is literally saving the teams lives from our old hellish spreadsheets workflow.”

Mollie Gallington, Not Actual Size

Mollie Gallington

Senior Account Director at Not Actual Size

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Build consisistent, beautiful estimates for your clients

Instantly export proposals as branded PDFs

Proudly shared directly with your clients

Proposals are a crucially underloved touchpoint with your clients. They're often shared with management for approval and must represent the quality of your offering.

Our automations coupled with PDF generation services like Documint allow you to design completely bespoke documents that leave your clients impressed.

Revenue forecast in Airtable