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Airtable Finance Case study

Financial forecasts

Visualising your business's financial health in real-time

Combined revenue forecast

A combination of current sales deals, live projects and lead forecasting merge to provide a comprehensive revenue forecast in Airtable.

Accurate revenue forecasts demonstrate the pace and direction of a business, and can meaningfully inform company strategy and hiring decisions.

This rich combination of revenue data sets provided a complete, interactive report of all revenue across months, quarters and years.

Revenue forecast in Airtable
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“Our investment in a low-code data product completely changed the way we measured performance as a business.”

Daniel Gent, Lighthouse

Daniel Gent

CEO at Lighthouse

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  • Revenue forecast
  • Data points
  • Deals
  • Projects tracked
  • Tagged revenue analysis

    Identifying patterns in your revenue sources; past and future

    By introducing a process for tagging types of revenue by client industry and size, Lighthouse were able to better understand the types of business that they predicted to grow more revenue from in the future.

    Similarly, by understanding the types of work that are slipping away, businesses are able to focus their efforts on higher value efforts.

    Tagged revenue analysis charts in an Airtable interface
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    “Mass quickly understood the brief and were able to understand the business problems driving our needs.”

    Siobhan Johnson, Not Actual Size

    Siobhan Johnson

    Managing Director at Not Actual Size

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  • Revenue forecast
  • Projects tracked
  • Team pipelines
  • Awaiting reports
  • Forecast variance analysis

    Regularly measuring and visualizing your forecasting accuracy is a direct measure of how much you can trust your forecasts, and how you might incremenetly improve upon them.

    Accurate forecasts are crucial for effective budgeting, resource allocation, and strategic planning. When you identify discrepancies between projected and actual revenue, you can make informed adjustments to your financial plans.

    This proactive practice allows you to stay ahead of financial challenges and seize growth opportunities.

    Weighted pipeline

    Take the guesswork out of prediction. Use your historical sale pipeline win rate data to weight your pipeline deals.

    Target benchmarking

    Set targets at people, team and department levels and measure performance.

    Lead forecasting

    Predict your average upcoming deals and merge these into your total forecast to see further into the future.

    CRM integration

    Two-way sync your contacts and pipeline data from any popular sales SaaS tools into Airtable.

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    “Mass helped me a lot in developing my accounting system. I replaced QuickBooks and Bookkeeper and automated my books, which has saved me hours upon hours every month. Very professional and easy to work with.”

    Judd Dunagan, Bright Vessel

    Judd Dunagan

    Founder at Bright Vessel

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    Automate your financial forecasts in Airtable

    Our process

    Refined through a decade of design, product and strategy experience

    Phase 1


    Our Airtable consultants work collaboratively with your team to design and document a detailed, visual specification for your Airtable project.

    We'll advise you on how to build a roadmap towards your new Airtable ecosystem; providing estimates and timelines for each release.

    Phase 2

    Database build

    Our Airtable developers and integrations experts will structure, connect and stress-test your new data product.

    Building in Airtable means shorter development cycles, so we can launch your shiny new internal software faster than you'd think.

    Phase 3

    Interface design

    Your team must love the Airtable tools they use everyday.

    Our design experts use Airtable's interface designer as a UI kit to prepare a highly effective frontend for your Airtable data product.

    Phase 4


    We architect and deliver the automation layers that save your team from grunt-work across your whole software stack.

    Keep your team up to date with instant notifications, and have reports ready to explore that plot your KPIs.